MCS together with its distributor partner Med-Line Ltd specializes in distribution of medical equipment to countries and clinics around the Mediterranean and now even in the Scandinavian countries as well. The equipment being marketed uses advanced technology and is the market leader in its segment which has been developed by a team of engineers, physicists and medical experts including surgeons, dermatologists, medical researchers and university centers from several European countries.


Our suppliers / manufacturers’ knowledge is based on the strategic combination of deep rooted knowledge and experience.
MCS and its partners are aware of every physician’s daily professional life. Providing the best treatments to patients is crucial to long-term success, so MCS is focused on delivering the medical products that are perfectly integrated into your business.

Our commitment is constant and aims to continuously find new products as the European market demands and enable complete patient satisfaction and the growth of our customers’ operations.

Our goal is to provide medical equipment of the best quality to all our clients who are doctors and clinics all over Europe to facilitate their operations so that they can improve the quality of life for their patients.


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