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We are passionate about to help you to find “Great Solutions” make your “Daily Routines” little bit EASIER and MORE ENJOYABLE for you in order to help you to propel your business to higher levels and of course to help you make more money.

MCS – Medical & Cosmetics Scandinavia is a exclusive distributor of MEDIXA aesthetic products with manufacturing in Italy,  MCCM Inovative medical and aesthetic products  produced in our state-of-the-art facilities in Portugal and Spain &  CLINISEPT+ skin care products  manufactured in UK and MAREN COSMETICS from Germany, Bio / Natural Skin Care products from the Ocean.

MCS (Medical & Cosmetic Scandinavia) has main office and warehouse in Malmö, Sweden.

We love skin health and beauty, just like you and derfor we are extremely committed to work and represent brands that are investing in innovation, research and development aimed at creating the best skin care treatments in the market and becoming leaders in excellence.

MCS in cooperation with our very honors and highly professional partners embodies our philosophy offering the most complete range of high performance professional cosmetics that produce transformative visible results from day one which always surprise our medical partners and make their clients happy.

We are focused on providing ultimate client satisfaction and we work in close partnership with our professionals to guarantee also high profitability. So if you looking to provide you clients: the best treatments that deliver incomparable performance, performance, satisfaction, profitability MCS is your supply partner.


MCS, Medical & Cosmetics Scandinavia
Your Wholesale Shop

​STEFAN M. CUDIC  – Founder & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
E-mail: stefan.cudic@mcssupplystore.com
ROSMARIE WILFLING – MCCM Product Consultant with over 20 years of experience
E-mail: rosmarie.wilfling@mcssupplystore.com
​SUSANNE EICHINGER – Franchise Promoter at EXPONÄRA Group & Digital Marketing Manager 
E-mail: headoffice@mcssupplystore.com
EWELINA KOZLOWSKA – Head of Sales & Marketing
E-mail: ewelina.kozlowska@mcssupplystore.com
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